Government-Shutdown Drama

Government-Shutdown Drama

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Government Shutdown, No More Cavities, Preeclampsia Test

Episode: Government Shutdown, No More Cavities, Preeclampsia Test

  • Jan 23, 2018
  • 20:22 mins

Guest: James Curry, PhD, Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Utah, and Co-Director of the Utah Chapter of the Scholars Strategy Network The government shutdown began at midnight on Friday, when the US Senate failed to pass a spending bill before a government-funding deadline. As we speak late Monday afternoon, the shutdown continues, but will probably end soon: Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have agreed fund the government through February 8 while they continue negotiating on immigration and other sticking points. The US House and President Trump will need to approve the plan for the shutdown to actually end, but that’s considered likely to happen soon.