Cuban Tourism
  • May 6, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 20:08 mins

Guest: Evan Ward, professor of Modern Latin American history and a visiting fellow at the Wheatley Institution here at BYU This week, the U.S. Government approved commercial ferry service between Florida and Cuba. It’s the first time in 50 years. Same goes for a direct charter flight Jet Blue announced yesterday between New York and Havana. The embargo that has prohibited Americans from travelling to or doing business with Cuba is lifting as the Obama administration works to “normalize relations” with the Caribbean nation. But you can’t book a trip to Cuba for your next vacation quite yet. Congress has yet to lift decades-long US ban on tourism travel, so only people with a special license from the US State Department are allowed to make the trip. American companies are eagerly awaiting the day Cuba is entirely open for US tourism. But Evan Ward says they might want to temper their expectations a bit.

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