Reading is Cool
  • Nov 14, 2014 7:00 am
  • 57:22 mins

Today we're talking about reading. It was our pleasure to talk to students, teachers, and friends about learning to read, loving to read, and the impact of books, words, and stories. We're also delighted to bring you our conversation with Garth Nix, award-winning author whose works include the Old Kingdom series, The Seventh Tower series, and The Keys to the Kingdom series. Stories and interviews included in this episode: Interview 1: Trinity, Jordan, Anthony, and their teachers speak with Sam Payne about expanding horizons through reading. Interview 2: Sam Payne takes us into a high school English class and speaks with teacher, Jarom Murphy. Interview 3: Garth Nix speaks with Sam Payne about his prolific series, and his new book, Clariel, the latest addition to the Old Kingdom universe. Story 1: Suzanne Christensen talks to the Apple Seed about learning how to read. Story 2: Mark Burns talks about a book that became dear to him in junior high school: The Boys of Summer. Story 3: Maddy Richards talks about living in a world of books and stories. Story 4: Our assistant producer, Sam Bennion, about how The Hobbit gave him perspective during a wild adventure of his own.