The White Trout
  • Jul 15, 2021
  • 56:50 mins

There are many stories about princesses. They’re part of the classic recipe for a good fairy tale. Throw one in with a pinch of love, a humble prince, and some evil witches, and you’ve got a story sure to please the masses. While we love any tale of strong, independent women, we also can’t seem to get enough stories about a love so deep that a couple simply can’t go on one without the other. Maybe it’s because we all want that kind of love in our own lives. Whatever it is, we have some classic princess tales here today along with a tall tale about becoming a bear, another tale about becoming a worm, and a debate that occurs without words. Welcome to The Apple Seed. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “The White Trout” by Simon Brooks from A Tangle of Tales (3:06) Radio Family Journal: "Sailing" by Sam Payne (15:33) The Daily Mix: "20,000 Hertz" with Stewart Foster (22:24) “Sign Language Debate” by Pam Faro from Andalusian Trilogy: Stories from Jews, Christians, and Muslims of Medieval Spain (30:13) “How Bill Greenfield Moved in With the Bears” by Joseph Bruchac from Adirondack Tall Tales: Volume One: The Bill Greenfield Stories (39:12) “The Worm Story” by Sheila Arnold from Mini, Many, Minnie Tales (47:27) “Beeping Slooty” by The Storycrafters from Classics with a Twist (50:46)