Moms' Influence on Kids' Reading

Moms' Influence on Kids' Reading

Worlds Awaiting - Season 2, Episode 24 , Segment 1

Episode: Moms’ Influence on Kids’ Reading, Author Ann Martin

  • Jun 24, 2017 5:00 pm
  • 10:13 mins

Parents often feel pressure to have a mastery of phonics or other elements of reading as they strive to turn their own children into readers. But according to one mom, Wendee Wilcox Rosborough, what has worked best for her children has been her visible example of reading on her own, as well as reading aloud to them and exposing them to libraries and book stores. She talks to Rachel on Worlds Awaiting today. Wendee’s father Brad Wilcox is an educator at BYU with an emphasis on literacy and also offers his insights.

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