Native American Tales
  • Sep 17, 2013 5:38 pm
  • 56:14 mins

Tales that demonstrate the richness of the Native American oral tradition. Stories featured in this episode: Joseph Bruchac Story 1: The Brave Woman and the Flying Head Teller: Joseph Bruchac Website: Notes: A mother unknowingly protects her village from a savage beast.  Joseph Stands with Many Story 2: Rabbit Goes Fishing Teller: Joseph Stands with Many Website: Notes: Rabbit, a traditional trickster figure, is too lazy to fish for himself. Christopher Leebrick Story 3: The Skeleton Woman Teller: Christopher Leebrick Website: Notes: An old man is unable to feed his starving wife during the long, cold winter. James Bruchac Story 4: Gluskabe Changes Some Animals Teller: James Bruchac Website: Notes: Gluskabe prepares the forest animals for the arrival of the first human. Tim Lowry Story 5: Mahtigwess Finds Food Teller: Tim Lowry Website: Notes: Mahtigwess, a rabbit, wants to be like all of the other animals. Joseph Bruchac Story 6: Chipmunk and Bear Teller: Joseph Bruchac Website: Notes: Bear attempts to keep the sun from rising.  Milbre Burch Story 7: Little Burnt Face Teller: Milbre Burch Website: Notes: The Native American version of the classic Cinderella story.