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Men's Friendships, Rollettes, Neighborhood Conflicts Resolution, Music and Stories, Handling Back Pain, Mini Book Club, Sensory Deprivation Tanks

The Lisa Show
  • Sep 26, 2019
  • 01:41:13

Men's Friendships (0:00:00) We live in a society that labels many things as “masculine” or “feminine” and these descriptions determine the way we build relationships. Friendship is more often considered a “feminine” quality, and a reason many men distance themselves from male friends as they get older... but how can men maintain friendships with their male friends and why is this important? Here to help us understand what people can do to repair their friendships is Niobe Way, a professor of developmental psychology at New York University and the founder of the Project for the Advancement of Our Common Humanity. The Rollettes (0:16:11) When Chelsie Hill was a senior in high school, she was involved in a car crash that left her paralyzed from the belly button down. While the accident changed almost everything in her life, Chelsie wouldn’t let her condition stop her from dancing. Chelsie also wanted to form a community of women in wheelchairs who defied expectations and continued to dance. Thus the Rollettes wheelchair dance team was formed. Chelsie joins us today to talk about how the Rollettes have helped her and how they help others. Neighborhood Conflict Resolution (0:35:55) You try to remain calm as your new neighbor’s dog barks nonstop for the third night in a row, but your patience is wearing thin and you don’t know how to address the issue. In one way or another, we all experience some type of conflict with neighbors, roommates, or people in our community. But it’s not like we can just keep moving houses or choosing new neighbors, so how do we resolve these conflicts? Conflict coach and certified mediator, Emily Taylor, joins us to share ways in which we can resolve conflict and maintain positive relationships with those that live around us. Music and Stories (0:50:36) Master storyteller Sam Payne, of BYU Radio's The Apple Seed, talks with Richie about the influence of music on storytelling. He also performs an original song and talks about the new BYU Radio audio drama, Treasure Island 2020. Handling Back Pain (1:05:25) Back pain. Most of us have it. Most of us have tried about a thousand exercises and things from the internet to try and relieve it, but nothing works. So, what can we do for something so uncomfortable that we experience daily? Dr. Jesse Lewis is a physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist. With all his experience and the backpain myths he sees all the time, we thought he’d be the perfect person to help us with this. Mini Book Club: Starting a Book Club (1:21:55) Rachel Wadham of BYU Radio's Worlds Awaiting gives tips for starting your own book club. Sensory Deprivation Tanks (1:29:21) Sensory deprivation tanks are gaining popularity by the day as celebrities continue to endorse them and more spas open providing their services. If you’ve never used one of these tanks, they can seem pretty odd and confusing. However, floatation treatments are proving to be a powerful tool to promote self-wellness. Martine Prowty is an avid floater and the marketing director for the float tank company Zen Float Co. He’s with us to tell us everything we need to know about this treatment. Show More...

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