Love Comes in Many Packages
  • Jun 22, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 57:50 mins

Inspired by the examples of love all around us, this hour of story is all about love. Stories included in this episode: Valentine Kevin Kling shares a story about love in its many stages: from the elementary school Valentine's Day party, to the day you exchange rings with your one true love, to the very last moments with your soul mate. Love can be sweet, and sometimes sad, but every minute of it is worth a lifetime. To learn more about Kevin Kling visit Love Comes in Many Packages There are an infinite number of ways one can love another: we love our friends, our families, our spouses, and so many others with such variety. Noa Baum shares a story of love that explores differences of culture and generation within the same family. To learn more about Noa Baum visit Love on the First Floor Before Kim Weitkamp was gracing stages across the country with her stories and song, she worked as a nursing home chaplain for a spell. During her time as a nursing home chaplain Kim made many connections and saw many stories come to fruition, including many about friendship and love. To learn more about Kim Weitkamp visit Dancing with Arilda Recorded live in Southern Utah, Sam Payne shares a story from his family history about the power of love. The Telephone Girl (song) A song about love performed by Doc Watson & David Holt. To learn more about Doc Watson and David Holt visit

Episode Segments