A Texas Tall Teller
  • Apr 11, 2019 1:00 am
  • 56:41 mins

Do you have a memory of spud guns? Those little plastic guns that you'd stick into a potato to grab a little potato pellet that you'd then fire from the gun across the room? Sam remembers ordering them out out of catalog pages at the back of comic books. If you remember 'em too, you'll be amaed at the spud gun you'll hear about in Donna Ingham's fishing story "Fishing for the Big One." It's just a prelude to a great hour spend with Donna, a tall tale teller from Texas. Donna has trophies on the mantel testifying of her prowess as a world-class liar, and you'll hear some of her tall tales today. Donna is delightful, and you'll enjoy hearing our conversation as much as you enjoy her tales. We'll wrap up the episode with her telling fo Pecos Bill, a tall tale as big as Texas!