Benefits of Family Dinners, CRISPR, Empathy in Fantasy Books, Difficult Conversations, Loneliness in Cities, Foreign Travel Safety

The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode 191

  • Jun 13, 2019 2:00 pm
  • 1:41:17 mins

Benefits of Family Dinners (0:00:00) Anne Fishel, founding member of The Family Dinner Project, discusses how having meals together as a family can benefit all of the family members. CRISPR (0:16:17) Clinical social worker and director of The Center for Family Building Lisa Schuman explains the genome-editing technology CRISPR and the implications of altering human genetics. Empathy in Fantasy Books (0:32:40) New York Times best-selling author Angie Sage talks about how reading fantasy books can help someone develop empathy. Mini Book Club (0:40:45) Rachel Wadham, from BYU Radio's Worlds Awaiting, talks about today's hottest books in YA literature. Difficult Conversations (0:50:34) Winifred Reilly, psychotherapist and marriage counselor, gives advice for how to approach a touchy subject with your spouse without hurting feelings. Loneliness in Cities (1:05:47) Journalist Isabella Broggini give tips to combat the loneliness that is particularly widespread in the country's biggest cities. Foreign Travel Safety (1:21:44) Phil Sylvester, travel safety expert from, talks about some crucial things to have in mind every time your travel out of the country to stay safe

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