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How Healthy is Your House, Late Notes, Travelling with Kids, Female Friendly Workplace, Monster Mash: Clowns, Cooking with Pumpkins

The Lisa Show
  • Oct 7, 2019
  • 01:41:11

How Healthy is Your Home? (0:00:00) Wellness, the goal of achieving health in mind and body, is something to strive for. An active lifestyle, positive outlook and quality time with family and friends all contribute to this goal. But too many of us forget to incorporate wellness into our homes! Chip and Pauli Wade are experts in home and design. They are going to give us some tips on how we can have healthier houses. Late Notes (0:20:01) Most parents dread it. Some kids would rather walk than participate in it.Carpool. We’ve all been there at 7:30 a.m. driving around the neighborhood, wrangling up all the middle schoolers and trying our hardest not to be late for school, and we’ve all had to write late notes when carpool doesn’t quite run as smoothly as it should. But who says things like driving carpool or writing late notes shouldn’t be things we enjoy? Seth King, a dad of 5, tries his hardest to make carpool not just fun for his daughter and the kids in his neighborhood, but for the whole world through his Instagram page @LateNotes. He joins us today to talk about how this all came to be. Travelling with Kids (0:36:10) Carrie Ann Rhodes talks with Lisa and Richie about what you can do to make a family vacation go smoothly. Female Friendly Workplace (0:50:35) As companies and startups grow, many are working hard to maintain important diversity in their workplaces, which should of course include women. And while women are ready for the new positions, the workplaces might not always be. A new survey shows that 60% of men feel uncomfortable participating in day-to-day work activities with their female co-workers, including socializing and mentoring. How female friendly is your workplace? How can we create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and valued? Here to share with us her ideas on the subject is Stephanie Thoma, who has recently started a workshop, recruitment and audit program: Female Friendly Workplaces. Monster Mash: Clowns (1:05:59) We made it. It’s finally October. Time to get cozy in sweaters, go on hay rides, pick apples, and get seriously creeped out by our favorite monsters.Welcome to our Monday Monster Mash! Every Monday this month, we’re going to be doing a little deep dive into the creepiest monsters of Halloween. To kick us off this week we’re going to be talking about one of the scariest, most terrifying beings out there...clowns. Did you see IT Chapter 2? Clowns are terrifying! But how did they get to be so creepy? Here to help us understandboth a little bit more about the history and science behind this, is Dr. Frank McAndrew, social psychologist and creep expert. Cooking with Pumpkin (1:22:44) Certified nutrition specialist Malia Frey talks with Lisa and Richie about cooking with pumpkin ingredients during fall. Show More...

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