Family Whispering
  • Jan 30, 2015 10:00 pm
  • 1:31:58 mins

Family Whispering (12:54) Melinda Blau , has a Bachelor of Science degree in special education and has had a long career as a journalist. Along the way she met Tracy Hogg and together they collaborated on several best selling books including Secrets of the Baby Whisperer and The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems. Tracy Hogg died in 2004 but before she passed Melinda and Tracy put together a plan on a final book: Family Whispering: The Baby Whisperer's Commonsense Strategies for Communicating and Connecting with the People You Love and Making Your Whole Family Stronger. Melinda Blau and Dr. Townsend discuss the legacy of Tracy Hogg and the book Famil Whisperering.