Marriage Stories
  • Jan 30, 2014 7:00 pm
  • 53:14 mins

Mary Grace Ketner Story 1: The Lute Player Teller: Mary Grace Ketner Website: Notes:  A queen goes undercover to rescue her husband.   Syd Lieberman Story 2: Marriage: A Fable Teller: Syd Lieberman Website: Notes:  Like matching puzzle pieces, some couples just fit together perfectly.  Beth Horner Story 3: The Young Woman of Vietnam Teller: Beth Horner Website: Notes:  A young woman teaches her husband a thing or two about respecting his elders.  Jay O'Callahan Story 4: My Wild Beauty  Teller: Jay O'Callahan Website: Notes:  A love story about a trip to Ireland Jay made with his wife Linda...where myth meets marriage. John McCutcheon Story 5: Old People in Love Teller: John McCutcheon Website: Notes: A song about how inspirational older couples can be.  Ed Stivender Story 6: Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnell  Teller: Ed Stivender Website: Notes:  King Arthur seeks to answer the riddle, "of all that can be won or lost, what does a woman want most?"