Passing It On
  • Dec 4, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

We always hope that the stories we share with you on The Apple Seed spark memories for you to share with the people that you love. Sometimes those memories are sparked by listening to personal stories, and other times by listening to tall tales and fairy tales. So sit back, relax, and get ready to have the memories wash over you as you listen to stories about life lessons, queen bees, and a drop of honey. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: "Passing it On, I: Raised in the Briar Patch" by Betty Ann Wylie from Pass it on: A Storyteller's Journey (9:02) Our first story today acts as a sort of audio essay about what life felt like when Betty Ann Wylie was growing up. It's full of rich detail and we hope that it will bring back picture memories for you of how things were when you were a child, or if you are a child, how you'd like to remember this time that you're living. "Life Lesson from Larry" by Don White from Live at the Guthrie Center (6:46) Don White has survived and been on stage for more than twenty years, eliciting from his audience laughter and tears with his comedic storytelling style. In this story, Don shares some important life lessons he's learned from his father, Larry. "Drop of Honey" by Mary Wright from Mary Wright Stories (6:56) Mary Wright shares a folktale that endeavors to prove that even the smallest events - in this case a drop of honey falling off a grain of rice - can have major consequences. "The Queen Bee" by The Storycrafters from Yarns of the Brothers Grimm (23:24) A story about a drop of honey is a great segue into this next story called "The Queen Bee", told in the inimitable style of The Storycrafters, the husband and wife duo of Barry Marshall and Jeri Burns. It's a quest story that you're sure to enjoy. Radio Family Journal: "Ernie's Hits" (5:35) That questing story from The Storycrafters brings to Sam's mind a memory of going on a "bear hunt" in Elementary School. Did you ever take part in that audience participation song? And this memory leads to another memory about Sam's family's records. Here's another entry in the Radio Family Journal.