Bet Your Bottom Dollar

Bet Your Bottom Dollar

The Apple Seed

  • Jul 10, 2018 6:00 pm
  • 56:27 mins
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Stories about people winning and losing bets. Bet at the Bar by Waddie Mitchell (2:52) A man bets that he can bite his right eye and he does it, because he as a glass eye. Then, he makes a bet that he can bite his left eye, and he does that too, by using his false teeth. Learn more about Waddie Mitchell by visiting: Theron and the Doodlebug by Doug Elliott (7:09) Theron bets Doug that he can call a bug out of a hole they find. Learn more about Doug Elliott by visiting: The Foolish Bet by Connie Regan-Blake (11:31) Two women make a bet with each other that their husband is more foolish than the other. Learn more about Connie Regan-Blake by visiting: Who Will Close the Door? by Mitch Weiss and Martha Hamilton (22:42) A husband and wife argue over who should close the door. They make a bet to decide who should do it. Their will power is put to the test when a burglar comes into their house. Learn more about Martha Hamilton by visiting: Going to Grandma's by Donald Davis (28:03) Old Man Hawkins brags to his friends about his amazing hunting ability so his friends challenge him to bring back enough meat to eat for three days. In reality Old Man Hawkins doesn’t even know how to use a gun, but fate favors him and on his last shot he kills a ton of animals. Learn more about Donald Davis by visiting:

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