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Digital Credibility, Fathers, Contestant on America's Got Talent

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Jul 21, 2016
  • 02:17:26

Digital Credibility (16:07) Danny Funt is a journalist for the Columbia Journalism Review. His articles have been published at the Pew Research Center. The digital age has changed the way most people get the news. Concerned by the dubious credibility of many online news sources, the Columbia Journalism Review conducted a study aimed at answering the question “Do brands even matter anymore?” Danny Funt shares his research Fathers Also Want to Have it All (1:00:42) Dr. Gayle Kaufman is a sociology professor at Davidson College, she received her PhD in Sociology at Brown University, her research examines aspects of modern marriage, parenting and family, with a particular focus on fathers. Our society has made a lot of conscious efforts to make it possible for women to contribute in the workplace and raise children. Things like maternity leave, flexible schedules etc. have made it possible for women to have the best of both worlds. But are those same opportunities and understanding offered to men? Dr. Gayle Kaufman discusses her article “Father’s also want to ‘have it all’”. America's Got Talent Contestant (1:45:07) Mckenna Brienholt is a 17-year old budding music artist. Her passion for music began when she started taking piano lessons when she was about 11 years old. She has been performing for a few years at local charity events, talent shows, weddings and parties. She recently performed as a featured soloist with the band Cinematic Pop on the show “America’s Got Talent”. Mckenna shares her story. Show More...

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