• Mar 20, 2018 6:00 pm
  • 56:28 mins
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This episode is about oddballs, black sheep, misfits—whatever you want to call them—you can find at least one in every family. It’s that person that just doesn’t seem to fit in but brings a whole lot of color into your life. Fanny in Miami by Laura Pershin Raynor (1:09) Laura recounts some of the fond and unique memories she has of her grandmother. Learn more about Laura Pershin Raynor by visiting: www.lpraynor.com 3 Sillies by Pete Castle (13:31) A young man and woman want to get married but when they go to visit her parents, the young man thinks twice about the family he's about to join with. Learn more about Pete Castle by visiting: www.petecastle.co.uk Hans My Hedgehog by Ingrid Nixon (20:11) A successful farmer has everything he could ever want...except a child. He makes an interesting statement and 9 months later he gets a son that’s half human half hedgehog. Learn more about Ingrid Nixon by visiting: www.ingridnixon.com A Family On My Bolck by Len Cabral (39:14) Stories about a family that does things a little different than expected. Learn more about Len Cabral by visiting: www.lencabral.com Buddy and the Bear by Glenda Bonin (45:02) Young Glenda spends a day with her grandfather while her grandmother is out of town. On their way home from town they encounter a bear and Buddy, the family dog, decides to take the situation into his own hands. Learn more about Glenda Bonin by visiting: www.storyworksgroup.com

Episode Segments