Pure Imagination
  • Jun 6, 2018 6:00 pm
  • 56:30 mins

An episode inspired by the 1971 musical adaptation of Roald Dahl's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory—or at the very least the particular song "Pure Imagination". Catherine Taylor (2:32) While doing field work for her PhD in Rome, Catherine explores catacombs full of early Christian art and is transported to an imaginary world, hearkening back to her childhood days when she read “A Little Princess". Thankful for Reading by Suzanne Christensen (13:27) Suzanne shares her experience about struggling to read as a child and the moment when that all shifted. The Things Willy Wumperbill Saw by Brett Dillingham (22:12) A young boy sees things no one else can, making for an eventful day. Learn more about Brett Dillingham by visiting: www.brettdillingham.com Emma May's Magical Day by Nathalie Vachon (30:01) Thanks to Emma's marvelous perspective she gets to view insects do a myriad of impossible things. Learn more about Nathalie Vachon by visiting: www.nathalievachon.com So Long My Mom by Bill Harley (35:08) A song about traveling to various destinations—in your mind. Learn more about Bill Harley by visiting: www.billharley.com The Story Tree by Bob Reiser (39:30) A community of creators do everything except tell stories. They can’t tell stories and they don’t have dreams until one family changes it all after they meet the Story Tree. Learn more about Bob Reiser by visiting: www.bobtales.com

Episode Segments