Ghost Stories III
  • May 12, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 56:58 mins

Stories included in this episode: Leeny Del Seamonds Story 1: Jersey Devil Teller: Leeny Del Seamonds Site: Notes: Leeny retells the almost 200 year old legend of the Jersey Devil, a monster that is said to haunt the forests of Southern New Jersey. Brian Story 2: River Ghosts Teller: Brian "Fox" Ellis Site: Notes: The story of the ghosts that haunt Spoon River. Lyn Ford Story 3: I Live Here, Too Teller: Lyn Ford Site: Notes: A young couple refurbishes an old, rundown house, much to the previous owner's chagrin.  Donna Washington Story 4: A Big Spooky House Teller: Donna Washington Site: Notes: A big, strong man prefers to fight his own battles and his stubborn attitude gets him into trouble.  David Holt Story 5: The Titanic and the Mummy's Curse Teller: David Holt Site: Notes: The wealthy Astor family had no idea they would be sailing with a cursed mummy when they purchased their tickets to sail on the famous “unsinkable ship.”