Wisdom of the Elders
  • Nov 29, 2013 7:00 pm
  • 58:26 mins

Stories included in this episode: Michael Reno Harrell Story 1: Me and Stover Teller: Michael Reno Harrell Site: www.michaelreno.com Notes: In this recording Michael Reno Harrell shares some of his favorite memories of his childhood friend Stover, an 80-year-old man who's long life and many quirks demonstrated exactly what it means to live fully. Bill Harley Story 2: Grandma vs. The Headless Man Teller: Bill Harley Site: www.billharley.com Notes: There are many things Bill Harley learned from his friend Glen's feisty grandmother, but the most important was how to fight the on-coming crime wave. Diane Ferlatte Story 3: Thank You Ma'am Teller: Diane Ferlatte Site: www.dianeferlatte.com Notes: In this story, a young man attempts to steal a woman's pocket book, and the woman proceeds to teach the boy a lesson through kindness. Leeny Del Seamonds Story 4: Scratch Your Bohine Teller: Leeny Del Seamonds Site: www.leenydelseamonds.com Notes: Leeny Del Seamond's father is always busy. When he finally finds a spare moment, he and his grandson learn a valuable lesson about taking time for yourself.