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Staying Social, Tummy Time, Seasonal Depression, Diet Soda, Mini Book Club, Dry Hair in Winter

The Lisa Show
  • Jan 23, 2020
  • 01:41:16
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Staying Social When You're Busy (0:00:00) As parents, weekdays are filled with things like work, school, music lessons, and trips to the grocery store. Our busy schedules can often get in the way of us connecting withour friends and family. Luckily, there might be a few ways we can make time for both our work life and our social life. And it doesn’t take as much effort as we may think. Our next guest is Leslie Baker, a marriage and family therapist, who’s here to share her advice for keeping your social life alive while managing a crazy schedule. Tummy Time (0:15:07) Infant care is so important for babies to grow and develop to become strong. There are many resources you can use to help your babies as they are growing and learning about the world around them. One of those is through tummy time. Tummy time not only helps babies become strong physically, but it also helps babies in other developmental aspects. We are joined today by two Tummy Time Method professionals Anne Tullis and Sherri Gunn, who are also friends of The Lisa Show, as they discuss what it means to be a tummy time expert and how parents can better use this method. Coping With Seasonal Depression (0:33:46) We’ve now reached the time of year where we question if the holidays ever really happened, and the beautiful Christmas snow is brown and sloshy. To top it off, the car heater just can’t seem to blow warm air until the last 30 seconds of our drive when we are already pulling into work. Not to be totally negative, but January is tough! I think we all experience a little bit of winter blues at some point, some more than others. In fact, approximately half a million people in the United States suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, more commonly known as Seasonal Depression. So what can we do to feel better when our winter days seem extra dark? Psychologist Dr. Kristin Bianchi joins us today to share ways in which we can combat seasonal depression and make the most of our winter. What's in Your Diet Soda? (0:50:39) I don’t usually drink soda, but I love my Diet Coke dearly. But are these “diet” products really as “diet” as they say they are? Recently big soda companies like Coke and Dr. Pepper have been taken to court after being sued over claims that their products don’t promote weight loss like their “diet” labels might suggest. While this might be a no brainer for some, every can does proudly claim that there’s zero calories inside. But the real question is, if there aren’t any calories in there... what is? Here to tell us a little bit more about what’s really in our favorite diet sodas, and what the effects of those are is Dr. Allison Sylvetsky. Mini Book Club (1:05:25) Rachel Wadham, of BYU Radio's Worlds Awaiting, talks with Lisa and Richie about the best books that came out during the year 2019. Taking Care of Dry Hair in Winter (1:25:39) During the winter, the cold outside weather combined with dry indoor heat can wreak havoc on your hair. We're talking dryness, static, frizz, and a general lack of shine. So how can we best take care of our locks during this time of year? Here to tell us what we can do is Michelle Lindsay. Michelle Lindsay is a hair stylist, an instructor for L’oreal Professionnel, and a friend of The Lisa Show. Show More...

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