October Stories
  • Oct 31, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 57:58 mins

In Studio 6, ghost and ghouls gathered for an evening of stories perfect for the month of October. For this episode, Sam Payne was joined by Suzanne Christensen of The Acting Company, and Acting Company members and alumni, Noah and Leah Kershisnik, to breathe life into frightening fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, Giambattista Basile, and Andrew Lang. Sam Payne & company, and our live studio audience were joined by musicians Julianne Brough and Rachelle Griffiths who serenaded us with spooky songs and murderous music. Stories and songs included in this episode: The Elf of the Rose First written by Hans Christian Andersen, this fairy tale was translated from Danish to English in 1930 by M.R. James. "In the middle of a garden there grew a rose tree which was quite full of blossoms, and in one of these, the prettiest of them all, lived an Elf: he was such a little tiny thing that no human eye could see him...." Julianne This folksong, made famous by the New Christy Minstrels, is about a spurned lover and performed Julianne Brough and Rachelle Griffiths. "Have you seen her in the moonlight, silver rings upon her hand? Now she wears a crown of sorrow and her name, and her name is Julianne." Long Black Veil This country ballad, told from the point of view of an executed man falsely accused of murder, has been covered by a variety of artists in country, folk and rock styles. You might know it best as it is sung by Johnny Cash. "Ten years ago, on a cold dark night, someone was killed, 'neath the town hall light..." The Young Slave This Italian literary fairy tale was written by Giambattista Basile in his 1634 work, the Pentamerone. Variants of this story include Sleeping Beauty, The Glass Coffin, and even elements of Snow White are present in this classic fairy tale about a little girl named Lisa. The Princess and the Chest This Danish fairy tale was included by Andrew Lang in The Pink Fairy Book in 1897. Variations of this archetypal story include The Twelve Dancing Princesses and Kate Crackernuts. Sam Payne and company utilize handmade foley materials to produce sound effects that bring the story of the princess and her sentinel to life. Shadow An original song for the autumnal season written and performed by Rachelle Griffiths and Julianne Brough.

Episode Segments