Cowboy Poetry II
  • Jan 6, 2014 7:00 am
  • 57:01 mins

Stories, songs, poems and interviews included in this episode: Sons of the Song: Silver Spurs Artist: The Sons of the San Joaquin Site: Notes: A song about growing up in the shadow of a cowboy. Steve Howard Interview: "A Cowboy Storyteller & Poet" Teller: Steve Howard Notes: Steve shares some of his bull riding stories, and what being a cowboy teller in a professional storyteller's guild is like. Keeping with the theme of the episode, Steve shared a little cowboy poetry with us as well. Waddie Mitchell Poem 1: Evening Chat Teller: Waddie Mitchell Site: Notes: A nostalgic poem that captures a cowboy's reflections at the end of the day. Sheila Starks Phillips Story: Prairie Dog Round Up Teller: Sheila Starks Phillips Site: Notes: While attending the University of Manitoba, Sheila received a call from her father asking her to come home to Texas to assist in the spring round up. Waddie Mitchell Poem 2: That No Quit Attitude Teller: Waddie Mitchell Site: Notes:  A poem about that "no quite attitude" that makes America great.