S2 E25: Motoko Goes to China + Fantasy Tale 'Day Boy and Night Girl'

The Apple Seed - Season 2, Episode 25

  • Aug 4, 2022 12:00 pm
  • 52:50 mins

In today's episode we have stories about understanding and communication. We all come from different backgrounds, and sometimes that gives us very different perspectives, opinions, and ideas. It's always important, however, to consider the other side and value their perspective as well. (4:37) Storyteller and mime, Motoko, shares an experience she had while visiting China. In the tale, she meets a man who has a very different background than her, and they both try to find a way to create respect for each other. Recorded live in The Apple Seed Studio. (29:13) Sam remembers a snowy night when he had to learn something from his son, and his son had to learn something from him in a communication that went both directions. (36:55) A girl raised only in darkness and a boy raised only in the light meet one another and discover their respective worlds in a fairytale written by George MacDonald called "The Day Boy and the Night Girl," adapted and performed live in The Apple Seed Studio.