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Vintage Fashion, The Great British Baking Show, Recycled Homes, Life in Garment Factories, Back to School Bedtimes, Pledge to Listen

The Lisa Show
  • Sep 4, 2019 2:00 pm
  • 1:41:14

Vintage Fashion (0:00:00) Have you ever wanted to wear the beautiful fashion trends of times past? These classy vintage styles can be hard to recreate in our modern jeans and t-shirt times, but you may be able to find the actual clothes from past decades you’ve only dreamed of slipping into. But how? Well, we’ve invited Holly Jacobs, an expert at finding authentic vintage clothes at thrift stores and online to discuss how we too can find these fabulous styles and flaunt them. The Great British Baking Show (0:15:32) Everyone’s excited for the new season of the Great British Baking Show because it offers something other reality cooking shows don’t... besides gorgeous confectionaries, the hit program could be a new method of relaxation. Even a human rights leader watched the competitionto help him decompress after combatting global abuse. It sounds counter-intuitive, though, how does a show filled with rivalries and high pressure help viewers de-stress and feel better? We have Honey Langcaster-James, a TV Psychologist, joining us to tell us how this works and if the hype is real. Recycled Homes (0:33:41) If you’re lucky, you have a house that gives you shelter from the elements. If you’re really lucky, you have a house that also provides you food and energy, recycles your water, and re-uses discarded materials in its construction. That’s the kind of house “biotect” Michael Reynolds creates. He calls these sustainable zero-carbon buildings “Earthships,” and he joins us to share about his sustainable designs and zero-carbon living. Life in Garment Factories (0:50:37) I love finding a good deal--who doesn’t? Sometimes I find something so cheap I wonder how it can be real. More often than not, though, those incredible deals are made possible through the hard work of underpaid and mistreated workers in factories across the globe. So what does the little “made in Mexico” tag on your greatest find really mean? Here to share with us a little perspective on life in garment factories around the world is Ayesha Barenblat, CEO of Remake, a nonprofit dedicated to turning fashion into a force for good. Back to School Bedtimes (1:05:48) With the beginning of the school year in full swing, a lot of us have a great bedtime routine figured out for us and for our kids. Every year, we commit, we stay strong and consistent with bedtime, but then fall break comes around and it gets pushed back at least a half hour. Thanksgiving Break, another half hour. Christmas Break –well, by this time all hope of a good bedtime schedule is pretty much gone for the rest of the school year. So how can we make sure that “back to school bedtime” sticks throughout the entire year? Laura Vanderkam may just have the answer for us. Laura is a time management and productivity expert, who also happens to have four children. Pledge to Listen (1:24:36) We all want to feel heard and understood but often times differences in culture, background, or race seem to divide us. Filmmaker Tarek Mounib set out to prove that there areways to bridge all gaps of communication. He traveled with 7 Americans of all different occupations to Egypt for his documentary, “Free Trip to Egypt”. His story shed light on the complexity of human connections but also on the universal truth that we can all find common ground. Tarek has named September “pledge to listen month” to encourage everyone to better their interactions with others. He is with us this morning to talk about what he learned through his experience in Egypt and to tell us how we can all pledge to listen.