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Make it Stick, Coin Collecting, Staying Connected with Family, Quarantine Budgeting, Nursing Homes and the Effects of COVID-19, Teaching Storytelling

The Lisa Show
  • Apr 8, 2020 12:00 pm
  • 1:41:06

Make it Stick (0:00:00) Learning new concepts is never easy, but it’s especially hard when you’re expected to learn alongside hundreds of other people who think differently than you. We all have different ways of learning. Some of us learn visually, others need to have hands-on experience, and some are capable of simply listening to teachers lecture them. But your typical school classroom tends to develop one system of learning for everyone. What if there was a better way to learn? In his book “Make It Stick”, Peter Brown combines empirical research with storytelling to teach a better way to learn. We are joined by him to discuss why learning can be so tough and how we can apply the principles of Make it Stick. Coin Collecting (0:20:25) Coins have different meanings for different people. Some people collect them. Others toss them into fountains or pick them off the ground for good luck. The more practical among us simply use them to make purchases. But there’s more to these shiny coins than meets the eye. In fact, there’s an entire science devoted to the manufacture and study of coins, also known as, numismatics. We wanted to know more about the science of coins so we invited Todd Martin, the Acting Chief of Communications at the US Mint, to join us on the show. Staying Connected with Family (0:40:00) Isn’t it exhausting telling our kids to get off their phones and actually interact with people all the time? It can feel like an uphill battle. But even we, the adults, find ourselves spending more and more time looking at screens (especially with all the time we have at home during quarantine with nowhere to go and limited things to do). But what if we could turn the tide of this war and use phones to actually help the family stay more connected rather than separated? To help us out we invited Sarah Kimmel, a family tech expert and digital parenting coach. She founded Family Tech LLC to help families understand and manage the technology in their homes. Quarantine Budgeting (0:50:32) One of the most difficult side effects of this pandemic have definitely been the layoffs. Unemployment rates are at an all-time high right now, which puts a lot of stress on families and their wallets. Whether you’re working from home or you’re worried about job searching, we’ve got tips for how you can make those savings last. Here to share with us her expertise on the matter is financial educator and money expert Galit Tsadik.  Nursing Homes and the Effects of COVID-19 (1:05:43) Families across the country are worried as outbreaks of COVID-19 have popped up in nursing homes. Nursing home residents are classified as “high-risk” for the disease. Most of us probably know someone in a nursing home, but even if you don’t, it’s still important to take care of these individuals. Dan Stockdale is a Certified Nursing Home Administrator as well as a Certified Assisted Living Administrator. We’ve invited him on the show to discuss what we can do for nursing home residents. Teaching Storytelling (1:21:57) Unfortunately, we live in a time when many people don’t prioritize the arts. However, research shows that children who participate in the performing arts are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement compared with their non-performing friends. Without these programs, many important skills and talents will go undeveloped. Here to tell us about his experiences dedicating a Summer to teaching elementary age children about the performing arts of storytelling and puppetry is Randel McGee. Randel is an internationally recognized performer specializing in puppetry, ventriloquism, and storytelling.