Jambalaya Forty-Eight
  • Aug 26, 2015 6:00 pm
  • 58:01 mins

Stories and Songs included in this episode: TELLER NAME Story: The King With Horses Ears Teller: Liz Weir Site: http://www.lizweir.net/ Notes: A secret is better out than in. TELLER NAME Story: Trail Boss Test Teller: Joe Herrington Site: http://www.joeherrington.com/ Notes: Gossip hurts not just those whom it is about, but those who spread it as well. TELLER NAME Story: The Ballad of Johnny Appleseed Teller: Jim Weiss Site: http://www.greathall.com/ Notes: The life of John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed. TELLER NAME Story: I Need To Get Out Teller: Anne Rutherford Site: http://www.annerutherford.com/ Notes: Finding your calling comes in unexpected ways. TELLER NAME Song: You Are My Sunshine Artist Name: Kim Weitkamp Site: http://www.kimweitkamp.com/ Notes: A beautiful rendition of a classic tune. TELLER NAME Story: The Promise of Chrysanthemums Teller: Motoko Site: http://motoko.folktales.net/ Notes: Promises are the strongest ties between us.