• Oct 24, 2013 6:00 pm
  • 55:15 mins

Our thirty-ninth episode features different perspectives on bullying: Bill Harley Story 1: Weezie and the Moonpies Teller: Bill Harley Website: http://www.billharley.com/ Notes: A bully is out-smarted by by his clever neighbors. Dawn Metcalf Story 2: Standing Tall Teller: Dawn Metcalf Website: http://www.dawnmetcalf.com/ Notes: Read by actor Elizabeth Elieson, "Standing Tall" is Dawn's personal story about being bullied all through elementary school, only to find that her height and dry wit make her popular in high school. Dawn is now an author, and her latest book, Indelible, came out in August, 2013. Its sequel, Invisible, is due out April, 2014. Saundra Mitchell Story 3: There's a Light Teller: Saundra Mitchell Website: http://www.saundramitchell.com/ Notes: This is Saundra's personal story about being bullied from elementary school until high school, when she attempted suicide. "There's a Light" was read by Karli Hall and published in the the book Dear Bully: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories. Melissa Walker Story 4: I Was a Bully Too Teller: Melissa Walker Website: http://www.melissacwalker.com/ Notes: From the book Dear Bully: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories, and read by BYU Radio's own Peggy Woodruff, "I Was a Bully Too" is Melissa Walker's story of regret as she reflects on the way she ignored a girl name Eliza throughout middle school. Antonio Sacre Story 5: Battling Giants Teller: Antonio Sacre Website: http://www.antoniosacre.com/ Notes: A story that doesn't minimize the harm that bullies do, but considers the bully's own story as well. Syd Lieberman Story 6: David and Goliath Teller: Syd Lieberman Website: http://www.sydlieberman.com/ Notes: The classic biblical tale of David the shepherd boy defeating the mighty bully Goliath.