La Primavera
  • Apr 13, 2017 6:00 am
  • 56:25 mins

Somewhere between 1477 and 1482, Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Boticelli would create a panel painting entitled, Allegory of Spring or, in its Italian, Primavera. The painting depicts a group of mythological figures in a garden of over 150 plants and flowers including orange, mytle, and laurel. Each plant flowers in the countryside of Florence, Italy between March and May. Scholars agree that symbol-rich painting embodies humanistic ideals of the burgeoning of life and love in the world, and the presence of the divine in what would have been considered mundane before the art and ideologies of the Renaissance. So today, we’ve chosen some stories that we think embody some of the ideals of this famous painting that marries the human with the divine and remind us that springtime can happen at any time of the year through the power of art. Peony Hedge Jane Stenson is a teller who exhibits a great connection with nature in her work, and this story is no different find more of Jane's work by visiting The First Flower A song about watching things grow. Learn more about Mustard's Retreat The Empty Pot Vera in the word Primavera, is the Latin word for real or true. Honesty is one of the most important seeds we can plant. Learn more about Jill Lamede by visiting The Weeping Willow A story about a tree that just wants to do its best to grow. Learn more about Sheila Arnold by visiting The Elf of Springtime The prime of one's life often comes when we aren't necessarily expecting it. The Sun is Returning A song about springtime from Norman Walker. Find more of his work by visiting Reincarnation A poem with a humanistic view of the environment from David Holt. Find more of David's work as a storyteller by visiting Edith's Lyrebird A love story between a woman, a bird, and her garden. Learn more about Laura Simms by visiting

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