Recalling and Reminiscing
  • Jun 10, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

Memory is a fickle thing. It lets us continually cherish and honor the people and events that mean the most to us. But it also contains our many regrets, mistakes, and moments we’d rather stay in the past. Sometimes it’s easy to recall something, sometimes we remember something different than someone else who was there, and other times we just draw a blank. And yet, even with all its baggage, memory is what that ties us together as human beings—it’s the reason we have stuff to say around the dinner table, the reason we can call old friends and reminisce, and the reason loved ones can live beyond their short spell of mortality. Today, we’re bringing you stories of remembrance from Finn Bille, Geraldine Buckley, and Kevin Cordi, as well as a few songs from Mustard’s Retreat and Michael Martin Murphey. Our hope is that these stories will spark memories of your own, perhaps even a few you haven’t thought of in a while, that you’d like to cherish and keep. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: Radio Family Journal: “Practicing the Piano and Remembering” "When I Was Ten” by Finn Bille on Marzipan "Daddy’s Ashes" – PART I by Geraldine Buckley on Devils on Horseback and Other Odd Journeys  “Lost River” by Michael Martin Murphey on Another Jubilee – Old Time Country and Cowboy Singing "A Meal to Remember” by Kevin Cordi on Wisdom Keepers: Unlocking the Puzzle  “Part of Me Remembers” by Mustard’s Retreat on Back to Back “Daddy’s Ashes” – PART II by Geraldine Buckley on Devils on Horseback and Other Odd Journeys