Our Voices
  • Sep 21, 2020 7:00 pm
  • 52:46 mins

You Are Your Voice The impact your voice has on the way you are perceived by others. Guest: Wendy LeBorgne, voice pathologist and vocal athlete expert What's In a Voice? Rupal Patel is on the forefront of creating individual, unique voices for those who have lost the ability to speak, replacing standardized computer voices like the one Stephen Hawking had to use. Guest: Rupal Patel, a speech scientist and the founder and CEO of VocaliD Turkey Talk Joe Hutto learned to talk turkey, literally. Lessons from his eavesdropping on turkey conversations. Guest: Joe Hutto, naturalist, wildlife artist, and author of "Illumination in the Flatwoods," the book that inspired the documentary film "My Life As a Turkey"