Fast Ones
  • May 15, 2018 6:00 pm
  • 58:22 mins

Stories honoring the times kids have pulled what you might call “a fast one” on someone else. Lois Lane by Rosie Cutrer (3:07) A desire for storytelling starts getting Rosie in trouble at school, causing her to continually miss recess but when she can't take the indoors any longer she concocts a plan to get out of the classroom. Learn more about Rosie Cutrer by visiting: The Conjuring of Bloody Mary by Alan Hoal (19:44) Alan's brother mischievously convinces him to summon Bloody Mary, a prank successfully pulled off with the assistance of their sister. Learn more about Alan Hoal by visiting: Braces by Donald Davis (34:00) Donald needs braces, the only problem is that the orthodontist is only available when Donald’s parents are at work—and they can’t afford to leave so they make a plan for Donald to go to his orthodontic appointment by himself however, when Donald is left to his own devices he decides to spend his day a little differently than what his parents have planned. Learn more about Donald Davis by visiting:

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