• Jun 14, 2017 6:00 am
  • 54:40 mins

There's something magical about water and the way it can impact our lives. This episode covers the flow of the largest freshwater seaway in the world, plenty of mermaid lore, and a few songs that seem to mimic water's natural melody. Hope you enjoy splashing around in the following stories and songs! The Mermaid's Gift by Liz Weir (1:14) Two sisters are bestowed a gift by a mermaid. One sister manages to multiply her gift while the more selfish one manages to lose it. Liz Weir discovered her passion for storytelling when she was working as the Children's Librarian in the city of Belfast. You can learn more about her by visiting www.lizweir.org The Ballad of the Night Charley Tended Weir by Doug Elliott (6:58) Charley has an epic night on the sea where he encounters mermaids, sea monsters, and an incredible treasure. This story was written by Ruth Moore and performed by Doug Elliott, who is also an herbalist and a basketmaker in addition to being a storyteller. You can find more from Doug Elliott by visiting dougelliott.com Goldenheart by Jenni Cargill-Strong (13:47) A king with a golden heart, never wants to feel sad so he hides his heart in a box and throws the key out to sea, where a mermaid discovers it. Jenni Cargill-Strong is the Principal of The Story Tree Company which you can learn more about on Jenni's website www.storytree.com.au Dead Man's Float by Regi Carpenter (19:04) Regi Carpenter reminisces about the ebb and flow of the St. Lawrence River and how its current shaped her life in every season. Learn more about Regi Carpenter, who's been featured on The Moth, TEDx, and Mass Mouth, by visiting regicarpenter.com Swimming to the Other Side by Bill Harley (31:20) A song that reminds us that no matter how we move in life, whether it be with or against the current, we're all trying to get through life’s ups and downs. Learn more about the Storytelling World Award recipient, Bill Harley, by visiting www.billharley.com Dip Into the Water by Susan Reed (36:01) A song that captures the lighthearted nature of water fun that usually occurs in the summer. Learn more about the award-winning folk musician, storyteller, and contemporary violinist, Susan Reed by visiting www.susanreed.com Something in the Water \[Live] by Bil Lepp (38:40) In this tale of a prank at boys camp ends with quite a splash. Bil Lepp has received the Parents' Choice Silver and Gold Award along with many other accolades which you can learn about at www.leppstorytelling.com