Jewish Family Stories, pt. 1
  • Sep 25, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 56:48 mins

Family stories to celebrate the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Stories and interviews included in this episode: Laura Pershin Raynor Story 1: Cholent Teller: Finn Bille & Rick Davis Site: Notes: What happens when a modern teenager gets a hold of a traditional family recipe. Dr. Stephen Turner Interview 1: Dr. Stephen Turner of New York City \*\* Notes: \*\*A conversation between Dr. Turner and Whitney Snow at The International Association of the Jewish Genealogical Societies Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Janet Silverman Interview 2: Janet Silverman Interviewer: Sam Payne \*\* Notes: \*\*Janet shares a story about finding Holocaust era letters from her grandmother. Story Corps Story 2: Debbie Fisher Site: Notes: Debbie remembers her father, who was an Auschwitz survivor. Story Corps Story 3: Nate Herschberg & Marc Site: Notes: Nate Herschberg sings a Yiddish song for his nephew, Marc Story Corps Story 4: Eric Lamet Site: Notes: Eric speaks about reuniting with his father in Italy during World War II. Story Corps Story 5: Yvonne Powell Site: Notes: Yvonne tells her song, Gordon, about the Jewish family that lived downstairs from her during World War II. Corinne Stavish Story 6: The Jewish Mother GPS Teller: Corinne Stavish Site: Notes:  Misadventures in misdirection and guilt trips.