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Make Music Day, Cultural Competence, Crawling Down Mt. Everest, Summer Boredom, Yoga for Stress Relief, Screen Cleaning

The Lisa Show
  • Jun 21, 2019
  • 01:41:12

Make Music Day (00:00) Aaron Friedman, executive director of the Make Music Alliance and founder of Make Music New York, explains the history of Make Music Day and how it is celebrated. Cultural Competence (12:27) Ravi Hutheesing, founder of Ravi Unites Schools and International Education Speaker, teaches about how cultural competence can be the key to staying relevant in a job market being increasingly overcome by technology and automation. Climbing Mt. Everest (32:27) Stacy Taniguchi, BYU professor and professional wilderness guide, talks about his experience climbing Mt. Everest and overcoming challenges in his life. Summer Boredom (50:38) Heather Lench, head of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Texas A & M University, discusses the potential benefits of boredom and tactics to help us overcome it. Yoga for Stress Relief (1:03:37) Marriage and family therapist Katie Ziskind describes the benefits of doing yoga in order to combat stress and anxiety. Screen Cleaning (1:21:48) Jeff Simpson talks to Lisa and Richie about this weekends newest movies, including Toy Story 4. The Weekly Roundup (1:38:37) Becca Brennan joins Lisa and Richie for a musical summary of the week's shows. Show More...

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