Without You, There is No Us

Without You, There is No Us

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Happiness, "Without You There is No Us"

Episode: Happiness, "Without You There is No Us"

  • Oct 2, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 52:24 mins

Guest: Suki Kim, Author of “Without You, There is No Us”  We know very little about what goes on in the famously-closed nation of North Korea. Nicknamed “the Hermit Country,” almost nobody goes in or out and any information is limited to satellite photos, defector’s experiences, and whatever glimpses North Korea decides to give the world.  But journalist Suki Kim managed to spend six months inside North Korea teaching English to sons of the country’s elite officials in 2011.  She’s written a memoir about her time there. It’s a rare – and often disheartening – look at what it’s like to for even the most privileged youth of the country to live in constant fear. The book is called, “Without You, There is No Us.”