Sea to Shining Sea
  • Jul 3, 2015 6:00 pm
  • 58:30 mins

Stories and songs that represent different regions of America. Stories included in this episode: Regina Ress Story: What I Love About New York Teller:  Regina Ress Site: Notes: We begin our journey across America on the East Coast. Bill Harley Story: Sweet New England Teller:  Bill Harley Site: Notes: Grammy Award winning Bill Harley shares a sweet song about sweet New England. Doug Elliott Story: Down East Teller:  Doug Elliott Site: Notes: A glimpse into part of the Maine fishing lifestyle.  Kevin Kling Story: Minnesota Teller:  Kevin Kling Site: Notes: This Minnesotan tale is a real scream. Mustard's Retreat Story:  The Michigan Mosquitoes Teller:  Mustard's Retreat Site: Notes: If you've ever encountered these regional pests, you might be able to relate to this catchy tune. Doug Elliott Story: California Dreamin': Lessons in Harmonica, Yodeling, & Taoism Teller: Doug Elliott Site: \*\*Notes: \*\*As a young man, Doug Elliott hitchhiked and hop trains across America. Sons of San Joaquin Story: Sierra Nevada Teller:  Sons of San Joaquin Site: Notes: A cowboy celebration of the beautiful mountain range of the West. Allison Downey Story: Texas Teller:  Allison Downey Site: Notes: A ballad for the biggest state of them all.  Dolores Hydock Story: Made From Scratch Teller:  Dolores Hydock Site: Notes: Cooking gone wrong turns into storytelling gone right.  Sam Payne Story: Girl From North Country Teller:  Sam Payne Site: Notes: Sam Payne sings a classic folk song.  John McCutcheon Story: This Land is Your Land Teller:  John McCutcheon Site: Notes: A rendition of the classic Woody Guthrie song.