Growth with Mental Illness

Growth with Mental Illness

The Lisa Show

Cute Aggression and Managing Daily Energy

Episode: Cute Aggression and Managing Daily Energy

  • Jul 19, 2021 12:00 pm
  • 17:04 mins

Living life with a mental health illness can often make you feel like you are stuck living life in neutral. Mental and physical fatigue win over our good intentions to clean the house or start a new hobby, and life seems to lose its vibrant beautiful colors. Small tasks seem overwhelming, and it’s easy to feel like all your energy is caught up in fighting your own head. So, how can we put ourselves back in gear and find hope and growth while battling mental health problems? What are the things we can do to shift our perspective to finding hope in spite of the struggles that seem to weigh us down? To help us learn how to have a growth mindset while battling mental illness is the founder of Lyfe Sculpt app, Treigh Christensen.