Immigration,True Color, Hunting ISIS
  • Aug 15, 2019 10:00 pm
  • 1:40:43 mins

Two Perspectives on New Trump Administration Rules for Immigration Guest: Matthew O’Brien, Director of Research, Federation for American Immigration Reform  Guest: Brittney Nystrom, Executive Director, ACLU of Utah A change to immigration law announced by the Trump Administration this week will make it harder for people to immigrate US legally if they seem likely to need government support from programs like food stamps or Medicaid. The rule also applies to immigrants living in the US who could be denied a green card or citizenship status if they’ve relied on public benefit programs during the last three years.  Here’s how Ken Cuccinelli, head of US Citizenship and Immigration Services summarized the changes on Tuesday when asked by NPR host Rachel Martin if the words ‘give me your tired, your poor,’ remain “part of the American ethos.” “They certainly are,” said Cuccinelli on Morning Edition. “Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and will not become a public charge. That plaque was put on the Statue of Liberty at almost the same time as the first public charge law was passed. Very interesting timing.” Mountain Goats Evicted by Helicopter from Olympic National Park Guest: Richard Harris, Game Division Section Manager at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Visitors to Olympic National Park in Washington this summer, might catch strange sight: sedated mountain goats dangling from helicopters in slings. The park is in its second year of relocating to the goats because they’re not native to Olympic and they’ve started causing problems. True Color –Where do Colors Come from Naturally? Guest: Keith Recker, editor and founder of HAND/EYE magazine, author of “True Colors: World Masters of Natural Dyes and Pigment” Natural colors and fibers conjure in your mind a palette of muted browns, oranges, tans and reds –maybe a little indigo or green mixed in, right? For the truly vibrant color of a favor scarf or sweater, the source must be synthetic. The natural world just can’t compete with modern science. That’s certainly what Keith Recker thought as an executive at Saks Fifth Avenue. When a natural dye expert told him she could make any color he could want for the store’s luxurious racks, Recker says he nodded politely and changed the subject. Then the natural dyer proved him wrong. How the Fight Against ISIS Changed Warfare Guest: Dana Pittard, retired U.S. Army Major General; Wes Bryant, retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant, co-authors of “Hunting the Caliphate: America’s War on ISIS and the Dawn of the Strike Cell” The Pentagon last week warned that ISIS is resurging in Iraq and Syria. The terror group may have lost its territory, thanks to US support. But it is still recruiting fighters, carrying out attacks and working to rebuild its capabilities. Meanwhile, President Trump is eager to declare the fight against ISIS won and get the US military out of it. Can Special Shoes Really Make You Run Faster? Guest: Iain Hunter, Professor of exercise science, Brigham Young University BYU Professor of Exercise science Iain Hunter and his team recently conducted a study checking out Nike's Vaporfly claim that it can improve running economy by 4%. What about human anatomy or shoes can lead to someone running faster? It's really all about oxygen uptake, how much you use when you’re running. Even small cuts in that amount can add up over the length of marathon, meaning minutes off your total running time. The design, weight, and amount of foam in the shoe are all factors that change how it interacts with our bodies and how it can help us run better.