Avoiding Stress

Avoiding Stress

Top of Mind with Julie Rose - Radio Archive, Episode 201 , Segment 4

Episode: Insurance, Refugees, Disability Inclusion, Stress, Holiday Eating

  • Dec 22, 2015
  • 15:48 mins

Guest: Daniel Levitin, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience at McGill University and Dean of the College of Arts & Humanities at the Keck Graduate Institute’s Minerva Schools  If you’re anticipating a fair amount of stress in the coming days, with the feasting and the visiting relatives and the kids with their high, high expectations of gifts, plus the returns and the clean-up, do yourself a little favor: Take a moment to imagine just how bad it might get.  It’s a technique called “pre-mortem” and behavioral neuroscientist Daniel Levitin says it can help you stay calm during stressful times.

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