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Morning Routines, Navigating the ER, Bare-Faced and Fearless, Dog Parks, Finding Scholarships, Donating Blood

The Lisa Show
  • Mar 18, 2020
  • 01:41:11

Morning Habits (0:00:00) Mornings can be hard. Some days, you wake up and feel like you could solve world peace and hunger by noon. Other days, the physical act of removing yourself from bed is asking way too much of you. “Just 5 more minutes” we tell ourselves as we hit the snooze button 13 times. Because this issue is so relatable for many of us, we’ve invited Melissa Eisler, professional leadership coach, onto the show this morning to discuss with us why mornings are so hard and what habits we should make to start our day off right. Navigating the Emergency Room (0:16:35) Lately, a visit to the doctor or to the emergency room is much more serious than it has been before. The national average wait time in the emergency room is about 90 minutes, but with coronavirus on the rise, those times could go up significantly very soon. How can we safely navigate the ER? To answer that question we’ve invited Michelle Nobles, a nuerohospitalist based in Charlotte, North Carolina, onto the show. Bare-Faced and Fearless (0:33:07) Obviously, there are a lot of issues we are dealing with right now, but you have to admit this social distancing has its advantages. You can wear PJ’s at home all day, spend most of your time wrapped up in a blanket, and never have to wear any makeup. While you might be hard pressed to convince your friends that slippers are in style when life starts back up again, don’t you wish you didn’t have to spend so much time and money worrying about makeup? Here to convince us to go on a break from foundation is Jane Harkness. She is a freelance writer who focuses on small businesses, wellness, and women’s issues who spent 6 months never wearing makeup in a bare-faced experiment. Dog Parks (0:50:34) For many dog owners, dog parks might seem like the best place to take your dog. It’s the perfect place for your dog to exercise and socialize. Studies even show that in the last ten years there’s been a 40% increase in dog parks across the nation. But are there downsides to dog parks? Here to tell us her ideas on the subject, is dog trainer and expert Robin Bennett. Finding Scholarships (1:05:39) By now, your high school seniors might have heard back from their universities of choice about whether or not they would receive a scholarship. But if your kid isn’t one of the lucky recipients, don’t worry. There are plenty of third-party scholarships available to them. They just require a little research to find. Camie Jacobs is a high school counselor with experience helping students be successful in their college careers and find scholarships. She joins us today to discuss where to find scholarships when kids don’t receive financial aid from their future college. Donating Blood during COVID-19 (1:21:11) Just like all of us, the American Red Cross is closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak and trying to keep it from affecting the work that they do. Unfortunately, it has caused losses like they have never seen before. Despite their best efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy, about 1,500 blood drives have been cancelled in the past week. The Red Cross now faces of shortage of blood supply for hospital patients. Here to tell us how we can support their cause is Dr. Pampee Young, Chief Medical Officer for the American Red Cross. Show More...

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