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Psychology of Web Design, Air Fryers, Family Camping, Housework Equality, Neuroarchitecture, Finding Happiness

The Lisa Show
  • Jun 22, 2020
  • 01:45:35
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Psychology of Web Design (0:00:00) Remember those old websites from the early 2000’s that were almost painful to look at because of their design? Luckily we’ve come a long way in the last two decades, but the psychology behind how we react to what a website looks like hasn’t changed much. Believe it or not, the way a website is designed plays a big role in whether or not we trust the organization and stay on the website or leave at the first click. So how exactly does psychology play into web design, and how can we recognize what we like and don’t like? Today we are joined by professional web designer Amber Turner, the owner of design firm January Creative, here with us to discuss the psychology behind web design. Air Fryers (0:18:50) We’ve seen all sorts of obscure kitchen appliances over the years from food dehydrators to tofu presses to egg cubers. Rising again in popularity is the air fryer. Have you heard of them? Having similar effects to a deep fryer or a frying pan, consumers ask themselves why they would need one. While other cooks swear they can’t live without their air fryer. Here with us today is Catherine McCord, founder of One Potato and the popular family and food brand, Weelicious. She’s an excellent cook and has written multiple cookbooks. We are so excited to have her with us today to talk about cooking with air fryers. Streamlining Family Camping (0:35:31) Every Friday we’re giving away an annual National Parks pass as part of Lisa’s Adventure Club. If you haven’t already, go to and enter for a chance to win. But in the meantime, we’re going to give you some ideas for what you can do if you win... like camping! Some people are all for spending the night in a tent, sleeping in a bag, and eating tin foil dinners. While others don’t see the appeal. Between the bugs, smelling like campfire smoke, and sleeping on the ground... camping sounds like a grueling experience. But it doesn’t have to be! Friend of the show, Carrie Ann Rhodes, is with us today to let us know how to simplify and streamline your next family camping experience. Equality in Housework (0:52:46) If you and your partner just spent the last few months cooped up together, you might have noticed the household chores aren’t exactly equally divided. In a study done by the New York Times, 70% of women felt they did the majority of the housework while 58% of men thought it was equally shared. So how should housework be divided and how can couples have civil conversations about it? Here to help us out with this is Josh Coleman, author and psychologist. Neuroarchitecture (1:09:56) You’ve heard of neuroscience, neuropharmacology, neuropsychology, neurology, etc. But what about neuroarchitecture? An emerging field in the realm of neuroscience, neuroarchitecture seeks to answer and explain the calming sensation a clean house can have on its inhabitants or why a kitchen island can facilitate good relationships and interactions between family members. Here to answer these questions and more is founding Board member and President of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture and a Visiting Scholar and Research Collaborator at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Frederick Marks. Finding Happiness (1:28:59) Remember what it was like to be a kid and fall off your bike, or get in a fight with a neighbor kid, or lose your superhero figurine? The world seemed to fall apart in an instant. But then as soon as you sunk your teeth into a homemade cookie your worries seemed to disappear without a second thought. Today, with so much going on, I think we all wish we could feel the same optimism we felt as children after just one chocolate chip cookie. Although life these days is not so simple, we have invited inspirational leader Karena Kilcoyne on the show today to give us a few unique methods to improve our happiness during stressful times. Show More...

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