Financial Planning for 2021

Financial Planning for 2021

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Financial Planning and Beginner's Meditation

Episode: Financial Planning and Beginner's Meditation

  • Feb 3, 2021 1:00 pm
  • 11:04 mins

One of the harshest impacts of the pandemic was financial insecurity. The number of job losses in the US was at its highest since the Great Depression. But no one could have predicted the last year. Even without the threat of COVID, financial struggles are a part of life. We all want to be financially stable, but we just never know what’s around the corner. How pre-pared were you for this past year? Today we’ll be speaking with Christine Benz, the director of personal finance and senior columnist for Morningstar. She will be giving us her best advice on how we can be more financially secure, be prepared for unexpected events, and be organized this tax season.