Get The Message
  • Aug 8, 2018 7:00 pm
  • 58:06 mins

By land or sea, telephone or classroom hallway, the messages in this episode successfully get delivered. Messenger to Maftan by Odds Bodkin (1:55) Mammadee cannot tell a lie. When the chief of his village finds out, he tries to trick Mammadee into telling a lie by sending him to deliver an untrue message. Learn more about Odds Bodkin by visiting: The Teacher's Lounge by Bill Harley (16:45) In 2nd grade, one of Bill’s classmates gets hurt he and his classmate Emily journey to the teacher's lounge to find their instructor but in doing so they discover what really goes on in the teacher’s lounge. Learn more about Bill Harley by visiting: Cuban Jokes and Pregones by Antonio Sacre (42:26) Antonio tells some Cuban jokes and then describes a typical phone conversation with his aging father. Learn more about Antonio Sacre by visiting: