Stories About Women
  • Oct 11, 2013 6:00 pm
  • 57:47 mins

Stories featured in this episode: Fran Yardley Story 1: The Sears Roebuck Baby Teller: Fran Yardley Website: Notes: Fran tells the story of the time her mother gave birth in an unexpected place, with some unexpected consequences. Norah Dooley Story 2: Caterina the Wise Teller: Norah Dooley Website: Notes: A clever girl enjoys solving the riddles of a great king. Joseph Bruchac Story 3: Wife of the Thunderer Teller: Joseph Bruchac Website: Notes: This is the story of an Iroqouis woman who ends up living out her wildest dreams despite being mistreated in her youth. Liz Weir Story 4: Mary and the Red Dress Teller: Liz Weir Website: Notes: A cautionary tale about a woman's ability to trust. Barbara McBride-Smith Story 5: Mrs. Noah Teller: Barbara McBride-Smith Website: Notes: The wife of the biblical prophet Noah tells her side of the story on the Oprah Show.