S2 E39: Storyteller Antonio Sacre + 'The Kiss Bet' author Ingrid Ochoa

The Apple Seed - Season 2, Episode 39

  • Nov 10, 2022 1:00 pm
  • 52:50 mins

Stories come in all shapes and sizes, and they come from tellers of all kinds. Today we have stories told in different ways: through words, through artwork, and through song. Each story is unique in how it is told and what we can learn from it. On this podcast episode of The Apple Seed, we bring you stories from Antonio Sacre, our own host Sam Payne, and a new kind of story from web artist Ingrid Ochoa. We hope these different kinds of stories spark memories that you can turn into stories to share with the people that you love. (3:50) "How Not to Tell Stories to Your Own Kids" by Antonio Sacre: As ironic as it may seem, Antonio Sacre tells a story about how he could not find a way to tell stories to his own children. After telling them every story he could think of, he eventually turned to telling them fairytales. But not just any fairytales--the original Grimm fairytales. As Antonio told these stories to his children, he quickly learned that they were not the stories he expected them to be. We hope you enjoy this story from Antonio Sacre, recorded live in the Apple Seed studio with our live studio audience. (23:19) Radio Family Journal by Sam Payne: Sam shares a childhood memory of an iconic TV moment: Big Bird learning about Mr. Hooper's death on Sesame Street. Rather than avoid the situation, the Sesame Street writers decided to face it head on and share the news with the children of the world. Sometimes hard things happen in life which can make them hard to confront, but this episode of Sesame Street teaches us that sometimes it's best to talk about them and share our understanding with one another. (30:43 ) "The Kiss Bet": We spoke with Ingrid Ochoa, author and illustrator of a web comic titled "The Kiss Bet." Her story is inspiring to us as one who never gave up on her dreams. Throughout her life, Ingrid knew she had stories to share, but she couldn't quite find the right medium for them. As she grew older, she came to find her voice in drawing, and her stories have grown to reach people all over the world. No matter where you are on your path of telling stories, it is never too late to try something new. You never know where that something might take you. (42:29) "Secret Fighter" by Sam Payne: In this musical tale, Sam shares stories about his interactions with children who made up their own songs and stories. When met with a young girl who challenged his songs, Sam was reminded of the many times he was met with creative songs from unlikely tellers. There is no age limit to creativity, and that certainly counts for telling stories.