The Cruel Miller
  • Apr 25, 2017 6:00 pm
  • 57:20 mins

This compilation of stories weaves magic, as well as a little trickery, into the circumstances of rather ordinary individual's lives to teach valuable lessons. They highlight that kindness will win out over cruelty, courage over fear, and the advice parents extend is worth adhereing to. Told with a wonderful incorporation of sound and a touch of spookiness, the stories included in this episode are: The Cruel Miller (1:13) A Jack tale in which a mean miller learns the value of those different from him. Jess Smith is a Scottish storyteller dedicated to help those around her promote understanding however she can. Learn more about Jess Smith by visiting Davy and the Devil (15:32) Davy loses his job as a fisherman and soon after encounters the Devil with whom he strikes a deal. Told by Megan Hicks whose collection of fairy tales, "No Tricks. Just Magic" was given a Storytelling World Award. She's also won a Parents' Guide to Children's Media Award for her collection of stories entitled "Groundhogs Meet Grimm". Learn more about Megan Hicks by visiting The Skull (28:35)| A young orphan girl spends the night in a strange castle, courageously carrying out the tasks a skull dictates to her. Recipient of the Excellence Oracle Award from the National Storytelling Network Circle, Beth Horner marvelously incorporates the auditory presence of bones in this charming tale that initially sounds rather frightening. Learn more about Beth Horner by visiting The Witch of Cape Anne (42:55) For a mischevious boy the tale of a woman who haunts the local river becomes more real for him than he ever thought it could be. Pat Mendoza cultivated an extensive repetoire during his lifetime through his unique heritage and experiences. You can learn more about Pat Mendoza by reading his obituary at

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