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True Crime Podcast, Fly Fishing, Starting Your Week, Pet Safety on Halloween, Monster Mash: Zombies, Scary Hair Stories

The Lisa Show
  • Oct 21, 2019
  • 01:41:42

True Crime Podcasts: Cold (0:00:00) So many people are familiar with the ever-popular true crime podcasts. Among all those podcasts, one stands out for the depth of its research and storytelling: "Cold" by KSL Podcasts. This podcast has managed to stay in the top 100 shows on Apple Podcasts for almost a year now. Due to the intense research and “cold case” crime, this podcast is a must-listen. Today we are joined by the host and producer of "Cold," Dave Cawley. Fly Fishing (0:19:52) The weather is cooling down and the leaves are changing colors. The majority of river based activities like rafting or swimming have concluded for the season, but if you drive by rivers throughout the country, you might see people standing in the river with fishing rods. As long as the fish are in the river, fly fishing can be a popular activity all year long. But for beginners, fly fishing seems like a hard thing to get into. Ryan Newman, a fly fishing guide for Rocky Mountain Outfitters, joins us today to help us understand fly fishing. Starting Your Week (0:33:45) Friend of the show Carrie Ann Rhodes talks with Lisa and Richie and how we can start our weeks off with the energy and motivation that we want. Pet Safety on Halloween (0:51:07) Halloween is coming us this week, and of course we’re all thinking about the safety of our kids as they go door to door, but what about our pets? How can we make sure that this night isn’t too spooky for our beloved four legged friends? Here to share some tips with us is Johnna Deveraux, a clinical pet nutritionist and small business owner. Monster Mash: Zombies (1:06:57) Welcome to Monday Monster Mash! Every Monday this month, we’re going to be doing a little deep dive into the creepiest monsters of Halloween. This week our monster guestis slower, grosser and hungry for brains... Can you guess? Zombies! Here to help us understand both a little bit more about the history and science behind why we’re so scared of these shambling, brain-eaters is Dr. Frank McAndrew, social psychologist and creep expert. Scary Hair Stories (1:24:16) Ask any beauty experimenter out there, the pursuit of #hairgoals can be a wild ride. Sometimes frightening mistakes can happen whether we make them on our own or a stylist makes them in a salon. While we always end up laughing about them in time, the initial shock can be terrifying. We’ve invited Michelle Lindsay to tell us some of her favorite scary hair stories and to give us some tips on how we can prevent them. Michelle is a hair stylist, color expert, and an instructor for L’oreal Professionnel. Show More...

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