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Clinton in Polls, High-Performing Teams, Treat Yourself Well

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Aug 16, 2016 4:00 pm
  • 2:22:44

Clinton, Women, and the Election (17:28) Dr. Leslie Caughell is a Professor of American politics & Gender and Women's Studies at Virginia Wesleyan College. Shem ajored in Political Science at the University of Illinois. What is the impact of Hillary Clinton's run at the prediency? “I may become the first woman president, but one of you is next,” Hillary Clinton said addressing young girls during her speech at the Democratic National Convention. Hillary’s campaign has continued to emphasize the historic nature of her candidacy, but will this help or hurt her chances? Dr. Caughell with the info. Great Teams (1:03:52) Dan Yaeger is an award-winning keynote speaker, business leadership coach, an eight-time New York Times Best-selling author, longtime Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated, and author of Great Teams: 16 things high performing organizations do differently. The Rio Olympics have already shown us what teams can do, whether it’s the USA’s dominant gymnastics team, the star power of their women’s swimming relays, or the superstar filled basketball team. That raises the question. What makes one team great and others just okay?  Treat Yourself Well Dr. Ron Hager is an Associate Professor of Exercise Sciences in the College of Life Sciences at Brigham Young University. His area of expertise is Chronic Disease Prevention. Dr. Hager discusses how we should stop using the doctors office like it is a repair shop.