Faking Military Service

Faking Military Service

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

SOTU, Villain Groceries, Stolen Valor, Depression, Foley

Episode: SOTU, Villain Groceries, Stolen Valor, Depression, Foley

  • Feb 6, 2019 11:00 pm
  • 15:54 mins

Guest: Don Shipley, Retired Navy SEAL, Military Service Record Investigator It’s a federal crime to lie about having received US military honors or medals in order to get some benefit.  But that doesn’t stop people from trying. And if they do it in a public form –like on TV or a viral video –they’ll probably get called out by Don Shipley. He’s a retired Navy SEAL who’s developed a specialty exposing fakers. He’s the guy who discovered the Native American protester in that viral video from a few weeks ago didn’t actually serve in Vietnam. Most of the time, Shipley’s investigations are lower-profile. He says he gets dozens of requests a day from people wanting to verify that someone’s claim of being a veteran is legit.